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On Pre Mod

Incase you're wondering what's happened since this morning, I'm on pre mod for saying Bollocks to Skydiver, yes that's right Bollocks, in full view and dodging the profanity filter. I told them exactly what I thought of their treatment of the anti's, the hacking of the thread andthe mission statement and in return I was given a lecture about how it's Those that scream about Freedom of Speech that have been the most abusive, excuse me but I've not been as bad as the others and do not like being talked down to like I'm some naughty child. That really was the last straw, I can put up with so much but to have all those posts hacked for being 'Off Topic' (oh yeah) was the last straw. I can't say I didn't see it coming, which is why I said all their Shiney Happy Gateworld  We-Love-You-Anti's-Included was bollocks as I thought I'd get my last word in before they pre modded me. I have been told by Skydiver and Madeleine to 'Go and find another board' which is what I've done, but I will pop back (postings permitted) from time to time to say hi and post on the Dr Who board. Anyone who still wants to get hold of me can, either here on LJ, on facebook (under the name of Coral Bale) or on Twitter.

Gateworld Rant Ahead

Breathe in
It's only a website
Breathe Out

Breathe in
It's only a website
Breathe Out

A lot of you will know Rac80 and her 'reputation' for giving negetive as a form of cyber bullying, well it seems she's started on me again, I got a "Same old same old" red rep from her again, so I named and shamed and called her out as a bully, knowing what she's done to elliecat and others, she sent me a pious little note calling me out for abusive postings, cheeky cow!!, I sweetly told her that at least I have the balls to call her out in public and not hide behind the posting system. She also said she had reported the post and the note I left her on her PS telling her what a poisonous bitch she is, so I replied by saying I was seeking out Darren's advice about how to deal with cyber bullies, because that is what she is. I don't like ranting and name calling but she really is a nasty piece of work behind the scenes and this is the only place I can vent without the Mod's circling.

Rubbing JM's face in it

Or how to make a finale properly

So which one of us is going to tell JM that the series finale of Dr Who was watched by 9.4 million people, reaching 9.8 million 15 minutes before the end which was 50% of the TV viewing audience at the time.

Why does he keep insisting nothing is wrong with SGA and 1 million viewers is perfectly ok and we, the Anti, are scum of the universe because we don't like his precious Mary-Sue Atlantis, this attitude can only damage what credibility the show has left

I'd do it but the (pardon my French) fucking database, that is the best EVAH!!!! is being repaired, AGAIN


Is it just me...

...or is anyone else here as amused as I am over the recent surge in statements from various current or former members of the SGA production staff in which said staff members claim that criticism about the show is coming from a vocal "minority," and that the silent "majority" are happy with the way things are?

One would think that they believe if they say it enough times, it'll become true. How very naïve.


TV Guide: Ask Mr. Mallozzi!

Got Burning Questions About Stargate Atlantis? By popular demand, I'm speaking to Joseph Mallozzi soon about the new season arriving in mid-July. Is there anything in particular you want to make sure I ask? Share your burning questions here, in comments! 

I actually registered to partake in this, which is a first given that I absolutely hate registering for things like this. (And the confirmation email. Urgh. Hate those). But here's another chance to (try) to get our voice heard in another more mainstream forum. So far, I have posted (once again proving that *gasp* I can be cordial with this man):

1.) What is the number one descision you have come to regret as showrunner of Atlantis?
2.) Do you wish you could take back (or have any regrets about) removing Elizabeth Weir/Torri Higginson from the main cast in season four?
3.) Is there any possibility that Carson will return as a regular in the sixth season if there is one? A possibility for Elizabeth, even?
It's not too late to bring back the family and great cast chemistry we had in the first three seasons and to mend old wounds.
Mr. Mallozzi, I also want you to know that some of the best fans are not those that praise your every more, but the ones that care so much as to point out when the show is headed in the wrong direction. Think about that :)

If you are like me and hate registering for such tripe, post here and I'll ask for you. Really - it's not much of a bother.


Vegas is Confirmed

Yup, Vegas has been confirmed by JM. The episode's even called "Vegas" for godsakes.

Does Atlantis not exist anymore? We already had a pretty city (and pretty people, mind you.) The further reduction of Atlantis: The City continues.

At least prostitution is legal in Vegas. Keller will have a blast.

I'm also getting visions of Hewlett in the outfit Sandra Bullock more in Miss Congeniality II. The fluffy one with the feathers. Yikes.

Comm Pimping

An (anti)-JM centric community: joemisaprat for your specifically anti-JM pleasures! (Of course, your allowed to post 'em here too)


Shoot Me. Now.

Have you guys all seen this? From TV Guide's Summer Preview. 

Because will someone please shoot me. Like, now.

"....promises executive producer Joe Mallozzi, 'This is the year we're going to pursue romance.' Will studly Ronon or brainy McKay win Dr. Keller? Intergalactic love - that's hot!"

Erm, NO. A big, firm, NO. I should have expected this. I did expect this. I knew this. But seeing it in that kind of statement makes it all the more worse and disgusting.

I predict an acid shower in my future, thanks.

Gender Balance, (My Ass)

From Stargate SG1 Solutions 

All I can say is quantity of female characters will not solves the imbalance. Elizabeth and Teyla did fine as the only two primary female characters for three seasons, plus a nice choice of support characters. Now, with this all-female team and such coming in, the wallpapering of Teyla in S4 will only get worse. Work on Teyla instead of bring in new "hot" chicks like Vega and Keller, which to me is not only to solve this "inbalance" but to also cater to the pubescent male demographic.

It's simply stringing the fans along - again. You had a nice selection of regular and recurring female characters - Elizabeth, Teyla, Kate, Katie, Cadman, Lindsay Novak, Miko, Sora, even Leela Savasta's cute shy scientist character from Tao of Rodney to expand on.

Not to mention that the key to gender imbalnce's end is integration, not segregation. I would love to have a woman lead a team of men. What is a possible indirect message from this all-female team? Women are only capable of leading women. Factor in Elizabeth is gone, Teyla has an extremely reduced role in the area of leading the Athosians and Keller might as well be sleeping her way through the ranks. :/

SyFy Portal on Atlantis: "Exodus of Fans"

An article at the SyFy Portal shows that us "Anti's" at GateWorld are not the only ones that think the show has crashed and burned with all the cast changes. And we definately are not a small margin of shrill-voiced fans.

"The situation doesn’t bode too well for the existing shows that returned this season either. Just now there is also a dark cloud hanging over the heads of even the most established shows. “Stargate: Atlantis” has made a few creative decisions over the last season and a half which has both alienated fans and brought new viewers on board. First and foremost is the shocking replacement of Dr. Elizabeth Weir (Tori Higginson) who brought so much to the series. Carter -- in her disappointingly limited involvement -- has been great, but she’s no Weir. The upcoming fifth season will see some additional changes with Woolsley (Robert Picardo) taking over the expedition -- Will another exodus of fans follow? In any event, it doesn’t matter ... not with a third Stargate series currently in the works."


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